Creams have been produced in Estonia. All the ingredients have carefully mixed together in order to achieve skin firendly and natural combination of products. While creating the creams I thought about the mixing of civilisations, artificial world coming over therefore growing longing for exotic surroudings and pure nature. These cream cocktails have the perfect dose of mixed Oriental philosophy along with Nordic crispness, Japan's rice, Chinese silk, exoctic fruits and gold with silver. 

This is the story of how my creams Glamour and Silk & Shine were born.

Blessix helps to keep and repair every individual's unique beauty, by slowing down the process of aging, purifies skin and gives skin a natural glow while acting as a magical serum.

We are using gold and silver, silk protein, rice, natural oils and aromas from around the world. Blessix is a life style, truly natural skin and body care  INCI


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